Super Absorbent Puppy Towels

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Super Absorbent Puppy Towels

Super Absorbent Puppy Towels

$27.48 0% OFF
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Keep your pets soft and dry while controlling messy pet hair in cars and homes with this adorable pet bath towel!

This specially designed towel is an ultra-convenient accessory to take on your next trip. It is made of quick-drying microfiber that soaks up water from pet hair more efficiently than standard towel designs. The material also prevents static and is soft to the touch, making bath time more comfortable for you and your travel buddy.

Between baths, the towel also works as a handy mat for your pet to sit and sleep, creating a comfortable home while controlling pet hair in sensitive areas such as hotels, offices, and Airbnb’s.

Each towel features two adorable paw-shaped pockets that hold your hands as you dry off your dog. After use, the towels wash easily in any washing machine. The microfiber material resists fading.


Use these cute, ultra-absorbent towels during your next trip! It’s a quick and easy solution to keep your pet clean and comfortable and helps you spend less time cleaning up dog hair and more time enjoying your time on the road. 

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