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My name is Jacqueline Tinker

A long time ago, my mentor gave me my first Aussie, Raisin- I was 14 years old. I lucked out and found someone who had working Aussies. Raisin was three years old and we fell in love with each other quite rapidly. I started training Raisin in 1989, and we became the first junior handler team, in The Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA) to earn a Working Trial Championship, which was at the time, the highest herding title available, for an Aussie at the time.

Raisin helped me through some hard times as a teenager. Sadly, she was killed at too young an age, in a tragic incident. She left me her son, Jesse and the rest is history. I have had Aussies ever since.

I love to compete with my dogs. Aussies are very TYPE A personalities and my dogs love competition! They fit me just right. I have had some amazing experiences via the competition aspect of the breed. I have met the best friends, traveled to the coolest places and enjoyed some great memories with my dogs.

I encourage all dog owners, especially Aussie owners to give training and competition a try! Just maybe you will be lucky enough to find a sport you both love and build the strongest bond with your dog.

I have dabbled in agility and do some rally with my dogs. I have several tracking titles on my Aussie, Harley and we have even tried out scent work. But my passion lies with the instinctive Australian Shepherd. I love to work with herding/ stock dog bred Aussies. It is so special to see a dog do what it was born to do. My dogs help take care of my livestock and make the stocks' lives better and safer.

Currently, I give herding lessons, host stockdog camps, and host trials at my place. I also operate the Working Aussie Source, a website to connect working Aussie breeders with people looking to purchase a working bred Australian Shepherd.

I have 5 Aussies in different stages of training and retirement. Copper, is my current trial prospect and favorite ranch hand. He is related to my first Aussie Raisin and has my heart! He is the most talented dog I have ever trained and I am having so much fun with him. We are hoping to compete in the ASCA Nationals Stockdog finals program in the next few years! You can find more info about Copper and my other dogs at my training site: www.stockdogtrainer.com

Copper herding ducks! Copyright 2021

I am also the host of the popular Aussie podcast called, The Instinctive Australian Shepherd, which can be found wherever you get your favorite podcasts. The podcast is growing rapidly and has been a very fun and challenging experience. I have grown so much and have been privileged to interview the most amazing people. I live with my husband, 6 Aussies, a bunch of sheep and a herd of cattle on our small ranch in Central Texas. Oh, and we have a ton of ducks and chickens, too!

My Goal with this site is to educate and support the Australian Shepherd Owner so you can develop a strong bond with your Aussie(s) and experience the unconditional love and loyalty that made this my breed forever. Aussie are not for everyone and they are not easy breeds to manage, especially during the first few years of their lives. I want to help you learn how to manage and enjoy those years, not just survive them. Portions of the proceeds of sales on this website go to support Aussie Rescue and Rehabilitation.

Enjoy the site. Wear your Aussie Pride! Jacque Tinker

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